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About Pragmatic Buddhism

(It's all about what works...)

We explore how ancient Buddhist wisdom and practices have evolved to suit our contemporary circumstances, crises, and opportunities.

secular spiritual mindful meditation practice

Pragmatic Buddhism explores how the original Buddha's wisdom and practices can make sense today in a way that promotes human flourishing - for ourselves and others.  We promote a secular spirituality which is very much in this world, but fully recognises the beauty, wonder and mystery contained in every part of the cosmos.  We stress that all people have the potential to awaken.  Our motto for our monks and all our members: "The world is our monastery".  

Pragmatic Buddhists draw from the wide variety of Buddhist traditions, with special attention to the core teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha - the man who began this multi-dimentional movement.  We, with other newer traditions, are exploring Buddhist expressions on the frontier of our  changing Western culture. 


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secular spiritual mindful meditation practice

Explore our library of recommended readings on Buddhist teachings.

secular spiritual mindful meditation practice

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secular spiritual mindful meditation practice

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